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MTN Consulting Group is a premier boutique consulting firm based in Nashville, TN. Serving clients locally, nationwide and globally, our managing director is a credentialed business executive dedicated to providing you with the business solutions you require. Rest assured that we will go above and beyond industry standards to help you create success with each and every engagement.

With over 20 years of global business development and marketing experience in the engineering and construction industry, we have evolved to a new way of being and contributing to multiple industries.  We share our passion for winning and growth by helping others to thrive, delivering quality results and facilitating client satisfaction.

Why Us?


Performance. Profits. Efficiency. Candor.  

MTN Consulting was founded on one key principal – to facilitate breakthrough results for our clients by offering the people, planning and processes to evolve visions into realities with cost-effectiveness and efficiency.  We bring big business strategy and tactics to small-mid sized organizations. Where there is a gap in the functional areas of business development, marketing and sales that you cannot afford to fill with full-time employees, we provide a temporary alternative with skillsets, capability and capacity to advance your organization as you grow in a cost-effective and efficient manner to increase your bottom line.  We approach each client's needs with integrity, knowledge and diligence.  

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